Maury Meadows
33232 East State Hwy 146
Bethany, Missouri 64424
(660) 425-8348

Welcome to Hardstone House Authentication

I bring 40 years of collecting plus the experience of handling most of the top hardstone pieces in the country.
I have also handled most of the top flint in the country. My experience comes from not only the advanced
collections, but many years of contact with small local collectors in many regions of the country.
My main objective is to assist others in collecting authentic artifacts.

We are buyers of individual items or entire collections, please call.

If you desire to add high grade authentic pieces to your collection, please call.

I invite you to browse the site and see what I have to offer.
I hope that you will use my services to benefit yourself.

NOTE: I will not be accepting anything to authenticate until June 1, 2022. Sorry for the inconvenience